who we are

Hi my name is Carley, I grew up in the sage-brush  covered hills of southern California,  and am now a happy transplant in the beautiful green mountains of Vermont. While studying Plant Sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz I found a love for growing nutritious vegetables and soul-warming blooms. I have been working on diverse, organic vegetable farms for the past five years and am very excited to bring that experience to the table as Harold and I set out to build our own small farm business.  Things I enjoy include: taking a refreshing dip, feeling sweaty and dirty and satisfied, good beer, cooking a REALLY tasty dinner with my loved ones, cultivating while weeds are still in thread-stage, making cakes and music that reminds me I’m alive.


Hi, I’m Harold. I love vegetables! and animals, and meat! Food and friends are pretty great. I grew up in eastern mass and then went off to Charm City -aka- Baltimore Maryland, to study painting, animation and sculpture. Some time later, I found myself working on organic vegetable farms in western Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley. Working with my hands, tending to these crops, I found I used a lot of the same energy that I used to bring to painting and sculpture. Moon Castle Farm hopes to further merge these two disciplines to provide artfully cultivated flowers and vegetables and lovingly tended animals.